Sensory tips

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Play time is a big must for our kids, with all that extra energy they carry the need a really good play.

But for some families we just just don't have the set up, as a single mother who is renting a unit I definatly don't have the backyard space for my little guy to run free. Now I am still fairly new to all the amazing things out there for our kids but after andOT session I new I had to share with you all some great new facts!!


I have just ordered a hole heap of stuff for my unit for my little man to have his own play centre gym.
I ordered and indoor swing set, there are 3 different attachments in this set and all you do is set it up in the door frames simple, no holes and not alot of effort needed.
I also ordered a crash matt for the rough and tumble my son loves so much.
A play tunnel which folds right up so no room is taken up once you have finished.
I also order ed a trampoline its a small square one the folds up easily and fits behind the lounge which is amazing.

There are so many more things available but this is all I have ordered so far...
So don't feel bad about not having the room have a look online and you can find many things to suit your home needs!!

This is one of many websites

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sleep time

Sleep time has to be the most difficult time for any parent but with our little ones it can be extra hard. Children with Autism don't need alot of sleep a half hour nap can have them playing till late in the nights.

My son has got used to a sleep bedtime but it takes up to 2 hours to get him to sleep which makes me so exhausted I'm usually asleep not long after him. 

His OT has given us a trial of using a weighted blanket and I can not stop talking it up. I thought it was going to be a huge battle with him letting me put it on him, but we got a finding nemo cover and he was so happy he wanted to take it everywhere to bed, the car the shops you name it and that blanket was coming with us.

This was a big deal for me as before the weighted blanket he would have to use melatonin to get to sleep but it would where off and he would be ul 3 hours later, so it really didn't help in my situation.

It still takes the 2 hours to get him to bed but with the blanket bedtime is alot calmer.

Anyone with any other great bedtime tips feel free to share ♡ 

Monday, 4 November 2013

online toy stores

Hey guys so lately I have been buying alot of toys and equipment for my lil man and I thought I'd share some of my my favorite sites.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

sensory play


Here are a few great ideas for basic toddler to pre school aged children. 

  • Shaving cream: Great for play with at bath time. Put some on the walls or lining of the bath and let them get a feel for it. Or you could use a deep bowl and spray some into it and hide some small toys inside such as a dinosaur or ball to keep there attention on something beside the cream
  • Rice: Use a deep container and fill it half up with rice. Hide some small toys inside the rice to let them burry there hands deeper tonfind the toys. Also pour some of the rice over there hands gently.
  • Paint: Pour some paint onto a lid  and place there hand in the paint. Smudge there hamd prints onto some paper and eventually they will enjoy the feeling and move there hands around more.
  • Gel balls: Pour some of the gel balls into a deep container and let them explore the weird feelings between there fingers and hands.

Hey everyone!
 I decided to make the blog to help all mummies out there with a child with Autism.
My son is currently 3 and a half years old and was diagnosed with severe Autism when he was 2yrs old. He is non verbal and has no communication skills.
I decided to make this blog because there isn't really much out there for us mum's when it comes to the more severe side of Autism.
So I want this blog to be a place where mum's and dad's can come and share, gather tips and useful ideas to help each other.
I hope you all find this useful and if you have any tips you would like to suggest email me!

Happy reading ♡