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Sunday, 3 November 2013

sensory play


Here are a few great ideas for basic toddler to pre school aged children. 

  • Shaving cream: Great for play with at bath time. Put some on the walls or lining of the bath and let them get a feel for it. Or you could use a deep bowl and spray some into it and hide some small toys inside such as a dinosaur or ball to keep there attention on something beside the cream
  • Rice: Use a deep container and fill it half up with rice. Hide some small toys inside the rice to let them burry there hands deeper tonfind the toys. Also pour some of the rice over there hands gently.
  • Paint: Pour some paint onto a lid  and place there hand in the paint. Smudge there hamd prints onto some paper and eventually they will enjoy the feeling and move there hands around more.
  • Gel balls: Pour some of the gel balls into a deep container and let them explore the weird feelings between there fingers and hands.

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